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Confidentiality Declaration
As a volunteer, you need to be a person who is dedicated to the organisation of the Cardinia Combined Churches Caring Inc. (The4C’s).

The4C’s is committed to serving Christ and is a regular member of one of the oversight Churches. Volunteers must also be prepared to work within the guidelines of The4C’s. These guidelines exist to protect both The4C’s and you the volunteer.

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In undertaking to volunteer for the Cardinia Combined Churches Caring Inc. (The4Cs) Crisis Relief Centre, you hereby declare and agree to:

  • become involved within the team, co-operate and work together with the management and other volunteers to fulfill the aims of our organisation;
  • be a person with whom clients can feel safe and comfortable with and to be compassionate and understanding when required.
  • not discuss any dealings with clients of The4C’s to anyone at anytime outside of the confines of the centre;
  • not disclose any client information to anyone at any time;
  • treat Client’s records as confidential and to take the necessary steps to protect those records;
  • conduct myself in a manner that promotes positively the work of The4C’s within the church community and the greater community in general;
  • an understanding that a breach of these conditions leaves the centre and myself open to the possibility of legal action;
  • not post anything on social media websites about The4C’s or its staff, volunteers or clients.

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Volunteer Code of Conduct
In undertaking to volunteer for the Cardinia Combined Churches Caring Inc. (The4Cs) Crisis Relief Centre, I hereby agree to:

  • be committed to upholding the Christian character, culture and values at The4Cs;
  • be dedicated to the organisation of The4Cs;
  • not swear, or slander people, while volunteering at The4Cs and to help build a positive environment amongst other volunteers, team leaders and staff members;
  • attend devotions at 9:30am on the days I am Volunteering;
  • support residents of Cardinia Shire experiencing hardship, in accordance with the aims/goals identified by The4C’s Crisis Relief Centre;
  • commit to coming into The4c’s on the days I have said I can come;
  • notify The4C’s Crisis Centre as early as possible if I am unable to attend on the days I have said;
  • notify the team leader if there is a need to leave the area unattended;
  • attend ongoing training and meetings;
  • assist with documentation of clients and service delivery, as directed by General Manager/Team leader or Volunteers Co-ordinator;
  • work co-operatively with the team leader, other volunteers and staff members, including seeking guidance and being receptive to support and advice;
  • develop positive relationships with other members of the team and behave as an appropriate role model by showing respect for students, volunteers, staff and all other people, and by engaging in friendly, positive, polite and helpful interaction;
  • understanding and valuing the diversity amongst students, staff and volunteers;
  • respect the rights of clients and their families to confidentiality, unless there are concerns regarding their wellbeing, then report it to the team leader/ general manager;
  • report any concerns or safety issues to the team leader and ensure these concerns are acted upon;
  • exercise a duty of care at all times, using common sense and exercising reasonable caution in working with clients and not placing clients/students at risk of foreseeable harm;
  • read, understand and abide by the The4C’s Philosophy;
  • establish healthy boundaries and work within the The4C’s Guidelines;
  • not attend the program whilst under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs;
  • inform the Team Leader, Volunteer Co-ordinator and General Manager,
    • if any difficulties are experienced during an activity;
    • of any accident or injury that occurs during an activity;
    • of any information provided by clients and team members that may involve issues (such as abuse, domestic violence, self-harm, suicidal thoughts or intentions, homelessness, etc.);
    • of any intention to leave an activity;
  • discuss areas of concern with the team leader for resolution. If the matter remains unresolved, refer the matter to the General Manager and Volunteer Co-ordinator. If the matter continues unresolved, all parties should follow the Grievance Procedure;
  • avoid any inappropriate contact or conduct with others, including: touching inappropriately (such as stroking, kissing or caressing), grabbing, pushing, smacking, punching or otherwise hitting;
  • showing favouritism to clients (such as providing additional service outside centre practices)
  • using any internet, computer, mobile phone or other audio-visual equipment for purposes other than The4C’s related or to access inappropriate content (such as pornography, sexually explicit pictures or messages, violent or unsuitable video games or movies);
  • not discuss The4C’s client information or issues arising with third parties (including media). All queries should be passed on to the organisation;
  • be familiar with The4C’s practices and policies and to work in accordance with its regulations, policies, legislation and administrative requirements.

I understand that it is NOT my role to:

  • discipline any team member or student or manage their behaviour
  • monitor or report on a client’s home life
  • give personal advice, especially on matters of health, finance, relationships or legal situations
  • be involved in investigating or following up complaints
  • displace family and extended family relationships
  • become involved in the financial affairs of the client and his/her family
  • accept personal payment for services or goods provided by The4C’s

If you have READ and AGREE TO the Volunteer Code of Conduct, type the word "AGREED" or "NOT AGREED"

Once Accepted, see what The4Cs Agree to
The4Cs Agreement
The Cardinia Combined Churches Caring Inc. (The4Cs), in accepting this volunteer into their program, hereby agrees to:

  • establish clear guidelines and expectations for the volunteer and provide information about expected activities/tasks and behavior;
  • provide appropriate orientation, training, equipment, advice and guidance to enable volunteer to be able to safely and competently fulfill their role;
  • ensure volunteer is aware of and has access to all policies and procedures related to their role;
  • ensure a safe environment for the volunteer to fulfill their role;
  • provide an avenue for volunteers to raise any concerns or issues and respond to these in a timely and sensitive manner;
  • keep the volunteer up-to-date with relevant information about the program and/or organisation;
  • provide the volunteer with opportunities to provide feedback;
  • involve volunteers in relevant decision-making processes;
  • provide supervision and feedback to the volunteer;
  • value contribution made by the volunteer to the organisation.

In signing this agreement I agree to abide by the conditions outlined and understand that my role as a volunteer may be revoked if I am unable to meet these conditions.

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